Latest March Google News

Google announced that they added version history to their ad platform so you can compare the performance of an ad before and after you make changes to them.

Google wrote “version history lets you see previous versions of your ads after they’ve been edited–and how they performed. Check it out by clicking the pencil icon next to an ad in the new AdWords experience.”

Google’s John Mueller asked and answered his own question on using non-English URLs. He said it is perfectly fine and sometimes recommended to use non-English URLs on non-English web sites. John said “non-English words and URLs are fine, we recommend using them for non-English websites.”

Google can handle even non-Latin based words in your URLs, but it might look weird to you but they do indeed work for crawling, indexing and ranking in Google search.

Besides, Google announced in NYC their “Subscribe with Google” feature to help news publications get users to subscribe to their paper online. Google said Subscribe with Google – is “the simple way to subscribe to news publications and maintain access everywhere: websites, apps, even search results.”

As you also know, GoogleBot uses Chrome version 41 to crawl the web, which means it doesn’t see everything the latest version of Chrome sees when crawling the web.

Ashley Berman Hale posted on Twitter that John Mueller from Google said at SMX Munich that it will be a while before that gets updated. He said maybe by the end of this year or early next year. John said it requires a big update and that takes time.

So we got some time until Google can see CSS custom properties and other things like that.